⋆ ★ WANCO'S WORLD... ★ ⋆

☆ val/wanco!! || 17 (june 8th) || non binary (they/them + others) || tired ☆
a dog-obsessed octoling who makes silly little things...

⋆ ★ ABOUT ME!! ★ ⋆

looking for my extended about me?? check my neocities >:]

  • im non-binary + asexual, using mainly they/them, but i also accept these prns as well ^__^
    that being said, i use both masculine and neutral terms!! go batshit lol

  • i am a heavy splatoon, serial experiments lain and vosim enjoyer and i also have a huge love 4 old tech, plushies, anything dog related, pokemon, chipspeech (and old vocal synths as a whole lol) lalaloopsies, rainbows and ESPECIALLY ROBO-DOGGIES!!!

  • ive been drawing since i was able to pick up a pencil (i dont know when that was, my memory's awful LOL) and somehow my silly little special interests fueled my whole thing for drawing silly little things and sometimes SCARY STUFF (thanks edgy pokemon amvs LOL) >:]

  • i love making characters of my own but i especially love drawing fanart, you'll be seeing a lot of fanart on my stuff...

  • i am autistic (diagnosed): my current special interests are splatoon, the nintendo 3ds and the sony aibo!!

⋆ ★ BOUNDARIES!! ★ ⋆

stuff to know before you follow

  • i might as well mention the elephant in the room: on top of my autism i also heavily struggle with anxiety as well as severe trust issues which makes my life a living hell most days - please be patient with me if you intend to befriend me.

  • carrying on from that, i tend to heavily overshare about my life online, which is something i am trying to control. i vent a lot online as well (and i say very upsetting stuff when in an awful state - on tumblr mute #val being a pissbaby if you dont wanna see them) - please keep that in mind when following me.

  • when im extremely excited or (rarely) under immense stress i may sometimes act very immature + childish - please keep that in mind as well!!

  • dont follow me if you abide with anything here - and get off my page if youre proship too
    chipspeech fans can follow but i may softblock for the sake of my sanity (trauma-related reasons within the fandom, please dont take it personally)

  • tone indicators arent necessary but are appreciated if used!!!
    (i sometimes need ones like /j and /srs - i struggle heavily w/ social cues, especially online)

⋆ ★ MY CONTENT!! ★ ⋆

what i use to make my stuff... :]

  • my content is usually 13+, however some may be 16+!!
    my 16+ content is usually my horror art, which'll be tagged accordingly!!

  • i switch between programs to draw + animate, but here are my main ones:
    ▷ animation: flipnote studio, toonsquid, flipaclip, procreate, firealpaca
    ▷ art: procreate, flipnote studio, ms paint, firealpaca, paint.net, colors! live

  • oh yeah, here's the hardware i use:
    ▷ current: geopad 110, ipad (9th gen), apple pencil (1st gen), HP pen, nintendo switch OLED + colors! sonarpen, mario red dsi xl, pokeball 2ds xl
    ▷ past: hp pavilion x360, hp pavilion touchsmart, yellow nintendo switch lite, pink o3ds, white dsi, samsung galaxy tab e